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Dell Latitude E5430 WorkStation

Dell Latitude E5430 WorkStation

⁃ Intel Core i5 


⁃ 4GB RAM 


⁃ 250GB HDD 


⁃ Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 


- Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus (Full Version) 


- 90-Day Standard Hardware Warranty

  • Please Read!

    We offer many different setup variations, please contact us for specific upgrades; such as: Increase/Decrease Ram, Increase/Decrease Hard Drive Capacity, Increase/Decrease Battery Cell, Upgrade to a Solid State Drive for a great performance jump, or extend your warranty and many other options! 


    90-Day Standard Hardware Warranty covers system malfunction/failure, software or accedintal damage is not covered. All accessories and parts sold with the device are covered if a failure were to occur. 

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